Prion 2011


Invited scientific guest speakers include:
Anne Bertolotti, Medical Research Council, UK
Neil Cashman, University of British Columbia
Byron Caughey, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, National Institutes of Health
Edward Hoover, Colorado State University
Daniel Krewski, University of Ottawa
Eliezer Masliah, University of California - San Diego
Stephane McLachlan, University of Manitoba
Stanley Prusiner, University of California - San Francisco
Claudio Soto, University of Texas
Witold Surewicz, Case Western Reserve University
Glen Telling, University of Kentucky
Charles Weissmann, Scripps Research Institute, Florida
David Westaway, University of Alberta

Plus other presentations by:
The Honorable Greg Weadick, Government of Alberta
The Honorable Preston Manning, Manning Centre for Democracy
The CJD International Support Alliance

PRION 2011: New World | May 16-19 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Website:

Thank You to our PRION 2011 Supporters:

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